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Looking for a spare part, maintenance product or accessory for your cooker (or electric cooker, gas cooker, induction cooktop, range cooker, stove)? We can supply more than 299,905 cooker products, of which most are in stock. Select the brand of your cooker, the category of your product or view our popular cooker products.

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Cooker spare parts and cooker accessories from FixPart

Order all your necessary cooker spare parts and accessories from FixPart. Are you looking for a heating element, switch, seal, hinge, baking tray, button and grill element? FixPart has a wide range of cooker spare parts and accessories. We have cooker parts and accessories of different brands. Some popular brands are SMEG, Etna, Brandt and Beko. FixPart has many original parts, but also spare parts or imitation parts for your cooker. You can quickly order the best spare parts and accessories from a huge assortment at FixPart.

The gas cooker is often the centre piece of the kitchen. Without a cooker it is difficult to prepare a tasty meal for yourself. It is therefore important that the cooker works properly. Even though the cooker can take a beating, unfortunately something can always break. It can be small things like a cooker plate, cooker cover, knob, hinge, seal or rubber foot but also big things like the heating element, door glass or pan support. Do you need a cooker repair? Fortunately FixPart has all kinds of spare parts for your cooker from many different brands. In addition to spare parts we also offer various accessories for your cooker, such as an oven grid, baking tray and much more! We have a huge range of cooker parts and accessories. Can't find the part or accessory you are looking for? Then feel free to contact us. We will be happy to help.

About cookers

For most households, having a kitchen in a separate room only became common around 1900. Also around this time the coal cooker came into use. Before this time, cooking was mainly done by fire or the stove. The cooker also heated the kitchen. Of course, this was not efficient because the fire had to burn longer than it was needed for cooking. It caused high temperatures in the kitchen during the summer. Since the 1920s, coal cookers have been replaced by gas cookers on a large scale. Initially, these were fuelled by light gas. In the 1930s, the first electric cookers appeared on the market. The electric cooker was invented by the Britt Charles Belling. Today, most households have a gas cooker.

Cooker parts

As mentioned earlier, most households have a gas cooker. These come in different models and brands. We have Smeg cooker parts, Atag cooker parts, Beko cooker parts and many more. For these brands we have parts such as cooker cover, door knob, base, heating element and rotary knob.

Cooker knob

A common problem with the cooker is a broken knob. A rotary switch is what makes the fire on a cooker go on. Without a rotary switch this becomes very difficult. We have many knobs in stock and can deliver them quickly. This means that your problem is solved quickly. We have a wide range of different cooker knobs, so you will always find the right cooker knob in our assortment. To find the right knob, we recommend you to search by type number of your cooker.

Cooker plate

Another common problem is a broken cooker plate. Also for the cooker plate you are at the right address at FixPart. We can supply cooker plates of different brands such as: Bosch-Siemens, Arcelik, AEG-Electrolux, Smeg, Gorenje and many more. In order to find the right part, we recommend you to search by type number of your cooker. Do you need help finding the right part? Then please contact our customer service. We will be happy to look with you!

Convenient search by type number at FixPart

At FixPart you can search for a product in different ways. One of those ways is to search on type number. The type number can often be found on the sticker of your appliance. When you enter this number in the search bar, we will search all suitable parts for that type number. Another way to search is by appliance category. For example, are you looking for a cover plate for your cooker? Then simply search within the cooker category. You can also search by brand category. Still can't find it? Send a message to our customer service team. We will be pleased to help you!

The FixPart service

At FixPart you can easily and quickly order spare parts and accessories for your cooker. Because we have a lot in stock, we can ensure a quick delivery. Do you have any questions? Then please contact our customer service. We can be reached by e-mail at customerservice@fixpart.co.uk. It is also possible to fill out our contact form. We will try to answer your question as soon as possible.


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Where do I find the model number?
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The correct number is the type- or model number and NOT the serial number. The model number is a row of numbers and/or letters. Sometimes the model number contains a hyphen (-) or a forward slash (/).

Can’t find your appliance? Send us a photo of the model number plate and a description of the product you are looking for, then we will send you a link to the correct product.