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Looking for a spare part, maintenance product or accessory for your extractor hood (or cooker extractor fan, cooker hood, kitchen extractor, kitchen extractor fan)? We can supply more than 108,070 extractor hood products, of which most are in stock. Select the brand of your extractor hood, the category of your product or view our popular extractor hood products.

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Extractor hood spare parts and accessories from FixPart

Are you looking for parts or accessories for your cooker hood? For example, a new carbon filter, lamp or metal filter? FixPart supplies a wide range of cooker hood parts. FixPart supplies parts for both chimney hoods and built-in hoods. But also motorless hoods and motorised hoods. FixPart has the extractor hood spare parts or extractor hood accessories you are looking for. For example, we have parts for different brands of extractor hoods. For example Bosch hood parts, ATAG hood parts, Whirlpool hood parts, Etna hood parts, Bauknecht hood parts, Siemens hood parts, and Zanussi hood parts.

Of course, it is extremely annoying when your cooker hood breaks down. Buying a new cooker hood can involve a lot of cost and work. It is therefore wise to first check whether your cooker hood cannot simply be repaired! Often, an extractor hood repair and replacing a part is easier than you think. By replacing the broken part, you can enjoy a working hood again in no time!

About the cooker hood

The cooker hood was introduced in most Dutch households in the 1970s. Before then, extractor hoods were mainly used in professional settings such as laboratories, restaurants, soup kitchens and industrial food preparation companies. In the kitchens of family households, food odours were often removed using a simple fan in a hole in the ceiling or wall.

The household extractor, cooker hood or range hood were first installed in urban high-rise buildings because the ventilation of these buildings was often less. Meanwhile, every kitchen has an extractor hood. In almost all cases, the hood has built-in lighting and the strength of the extraction is adjustable. When installing the extractor, care should be taken to ensure that the extractor is larger than the cooking surface. You should also pay attention to the distance between the hob and the extractor hood. This varies depending on the brand and material of the cooker hood.

Extractor hood parts

You can no longer imagine a kitchen without a cooker hood. As soon as your cooker hood breaks down, you will notice. Unfortunately, the smell of food is no longer being properly removed. Of course, you then want your cooker hood repaired as quickly as possible! Fortunately, we have many hood parts and accessories for many different brands of hoods. So you will have your cooker hood working again in no time! A cooker hood consists of many different parts that, unfortunately, can all break down. Fortunately, many of these parts are easy to replace yourself!

Extractor hood filters

The cooker hood is an appliance that is used daily in many kitchens. It ensures that food odours are removed. During this process, the filters of the cooker hood can get greasy and sticky. It is important to clean the grease filters between eight and 10 weeks to ensure the cooker hood does not clog. Despite careful cleaning, the grease filters may need to be replaced. Grease filters for all kinds of different brands of extractor hoods can be ordered easily and quickly through us! It is relatively very easy to replace a grease filter yourself. In most cases, the filter can simply be clicked out and in.

Unfortunately, a carbon filter cannot be cleaned. It must be replaced once every so often. This must be done so that the filter continues to absorb all cooking fumes and odours properly. We also have new carbon filters for your cooker hood! Can't find the right filter? Then get in touch with us. We will be happy to help you.

Cooker hood light

Is your cooker hood lamp broken? Annoying! This often makes cooking a bit more difficult. In many cases, different bulbs fit in the lamp fitting of the cooker hood. Unfortunately, it also regularly happens that a specific lamp belongs to a cooker hood. Fortunately, there is a very good chance that we simply have this specific lamp! To find the right lamp, it is best to search by the type number of your cooker hood. Is your cooker hood lamp not broken, but the lamp fitting or the lamp cover? We have these parts too! Often we even have them in stock.

FixPart: spare parts for other appliances

So at FixPart you can find the right parts for your extractor hood, but we have much more! We have many parts for almost all household appliances. These include air conditioning parts, refrigerator parts, dishwasher parts, coffee maker parts, washing machine parts, hoover parts, television parts and microwave parts. You can find well-known and less well-known brands in our webshop. Also for these appliances, it is possible to search by appliance, brand or type number to find the right parts! We stock many original products, but also replica or imitation products of the best quality. By replacing a broken part, you extend the life of the appliance. This is both good for the environment and for your own wallet!

The FixPart service

FixPart supplies more than 15,000,000 spare parts and accessories from more than 2,000 brands for more than 1,000,000 appliances. If you don't find the right part or accessory with us, you probably won't find it anywhere! We supply part of our products from our own stock and part from the stock of the many suppliers we work closely with. This way, the vast majority of our offer is readily available!

Are you struggling or can't find the right product? Then contact customer service. We will be happy to help you find the right part. To find the part you are looking for, please use the search bar at the top of the page. The quickest way is to search by the type or model number of your appliance.

Customer satisfaction is very important to us. Do you have any questions or need advice? We can be reached by e-mail at It is also possible to fill in our contact form. We will do our best to answer your question as soon as possible.


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The correct number is the type- or model number and NOT the serial number. The model number is a row of numbers and/or letters. Sometimes the model number contains a hyphen (-) or a forward slash (/).

Can’t find your appliance? Send us a photo of the model number plate and a description of the product you are looking for, then we will send you a link to the correct product.